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Thinking of Business Insolvency in London? What Are The Options?


Business insolvency figures are up 25% on this time last year according to the Insolvency Service (Feb 2009). The lack of available credit is causing immense problems to small and medium sized firms, who need funds to grow in some cases, and to re-finance expensive credit in others.

Cash flow issues are one indication that a business may be struggling and need assistance, but this is far from saying that a business cannot be saved. In the UK since 2002 we have had a culture of “enterprise” which has meant that the emphasis has been on saving the business, not necessarily the shell in which it is housed. Therefore there is an acknowledgement that a limited company can be shut down but the trade and assets from that company can be sold (often pre appointment) to a new entity set up for the purpose of taking on the employees and contracts of the insolvent business.

In a nutshell, we can help you move from business insolvency in London to new debt free trading with a clean balance sheet and a tighter business overnight.

Literally 100s of companies have benefited from our approach. 1000s of employees have kept their jobs because we have been able to assist the wealth creating directors, move forward and grow again. Do not let the economic situation get you despondent. Know that help and assistance is at hand and that a decision made today could see you starting afresh within the week. Business insolvency may also be a new release.

The important thing is to act early; the options which are available now may not be available later on.






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